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reconnext business development

We offer sustainable business deveplopment consulting and solutions to companies in various industries.

We have more than 20 years of experiences in sales and marketing consulting and developing various businesses

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We offer reliable and professional Business Development Services.

We are sales and marketing professionals with many experiences in developing business in new markets in different industries. You can expect the best and most professional support from us to establish profitable and substainable business in Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland).

The easy steps with us to your new business:

  1. Tell us about your strategies, expectations, uniques selling prepositions of your products.
  2. We will make a short market research, based on local competitors and examples from similar industries.
  3. We will offer you a complete sales and marketing strategy, regarding to your needs and expectations.
  4. We will manage all necessary things that your business will start sucessfully. We are used to work as “hands on” managers for the beginning, this will make sure that your strategy will work properly from the start.
  5. Contact us today!