Dali – Freud

Belv 01Mar22 083

Keywords impacted me during my visit to this highly interesting exhibition:

  • Surreal
  • Paranoia
  • Obsession
  • Id & Ego

As someone who grew up in North-West London near Hampstead where Sigmund Freud passed away in 1939, this story moved me deeply. As an educationalist, we were embraced with Freud’s Id & Ego and much more. Here at the Belvedere, this exhibition shows the personality of Salvador Dali who arguably had an obsession with Sigmund Freud. Dali, who was, and still is, respected as a surrealist, arguably had a fixation on Freud’s words and perspectives. Many of us were deeply impacted by Freud’s perspectives but what followed with Dali reflects an egoism to the extreme. Dali’s work is often impressive and amusing and the exhibition at the Belvedere stimulates thought.

Dali’s portrayals are not child-friendly, and the content is inappropriate for younger age groups. Still, this exhibition is incredibly interesting and invigorating. It should encourage exchanges with others to help understand the paranoia seen in humanity generally.

Please visit this exhibition and mention my recommendation.

John, 3 March 2022