Van Gogh Alive is a thoroughly recommended exhibition that is only available for a few more weeks:

13th DECEMBER 2021 TO 8th MARCH 2022


The “no ordinary” exhibition uses van Gogh’s personal story and his artwork in a simulated format that dramatically inspires visitors. Van Gogh suffered serious mental health issues and the depictions help people to see and feel many of the circumstances at play during his life.

The content is more appropriate for adults and students who wish to explore art history and psychology than for elementary school students. I would not recommend it for pre-school.

It is an experience to see, listen and absorb rather than one to discuss with others when you are there. I gained deep moving feelings simply sitting and experiencing the displays as they change. The production team included dynamic episodes so that Van Gogh’s original pieces of work allow visitors to immerse themselves into the world of this extraordinary Dutch artist.

The exhibition is COVID-safe and people are required to wear face masks and show proof of vaccinations and /or recovery from Covid infection.

Please take the opportunity to visit and enlighten yourselves in these challenging days which are stressing people deeply. We also need to help and support members of our community who are displaying mental health issues. Together we are strong.

John Morris

31 January 2022

Please visit Van Gogh ALIVE and feel free to say you were inspired by my recommendation.