Albertina: World Women’s Day

World Women’s Day played a special moment today at the Albertina Museum in Vienna. Ukrainian refugees were welcomed by Renate Landstetter, the managing director of the Albertina.

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Renate Landstetter with the refugees

The refugees were embraced with Austrian history as well as fascinating and stimulating artwork from a spectrum of impressionist, post-impressionist, expressionist, surrealist, and other artists. “The Scream” originating from Munch in a film version, was highly moving, although somewhat depressing, given the current circumstances in Ukraine. However, the other art was enriching and invigorating.

The content of the gallery was excellent and the curators on duty were highly informed and gave interesting perspectives.

The Ukrainian refugees were impressed with the visit and this has provided them with enriching alternatives to ponder.

I thoroughly recommend visiting Albertina Museum to embrace the artistic talent.

John 8th March 2022