Born 8th April 1956 in Bushey Hertfordshire, England, the eldest child of five surviving siblings of six from the marriage of Ronald Thomas and Hilde Ann Morris.

I never had much as a kid regarding material things but I had an abundance of love from my grandparents and parents alike. This has helped me come through some stiff challenges, and I now walk tall with a strong heart.

LIVE AID 1985 stimulated my thinking. Almost 4 decades later we are now facing more issues in Africa and elsewhere. Climate Change is changing the game and people need to produce their own food and move forward with sustainable solutions. It’s a must.

I believe passionately in Open Innovation, Corporate Responsibility, and Self-Sustainable Development as these will facilitate growth towards World Peace.

My key beliefs are the pursuit of




The 3 Little Birds

Apart from my parents and grandparents, I have been inspired by many especially Martin Luther King Jr, American activist and political philosopher, Nelson Mandela, Political Activist and Fr. South African President, Prof Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner, Pablo Picasso, Spanish Artist, Bob Marley, Jamaican Musician, John Maynard Keynes, Economist, Annie Leibovitz  Photographer, John Lennon, Musician and Prof. John Charlton, my philosophy professor at Trenton State College.

Famous musicians such as Bob Geldof, Freddie Mercury, and Brian May among many others promoted supporting Africa with LIVE AID in 1985. They won my respect. Circumstances have now changed. We need to assist in training people at ground level to assist their own development. Muhammad Yunus promoted self-sustainable development and I support his fundamental goal.

All I wish to do is enrich others and help them to find their own self-sustainable ways forward.

We can do this!!

My greatest pride are my two daughters Ann-Claire Morris and Louisa Winter (nie Morris) who are brilliant teachers. They know what education means. It is one of the core foundation stones for our future along with Law & Order and sustainable economies. . 

In the autumn of my life, I aim to stimulate others and facilitate their goals……