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Themenkreise BRP Eng VHS Ottakring ENG

Key Words for Oral Exam:

Statements & Opinions
Themenkreise BRP Eng VHS Ottakring ENG VOCABULARY
Personal  Interview questions

NB: all documents with * have alreday been covered in class!!

Theme 1 Advertising (Unit 11  Marketing and Brands : Advertising)

Toyota sneak previews self

Theme 2 Topical Issues (including Unit 5   Products and Processes and Unit 12  People and Politics)

Horsemeat scandal
Air pollution causes cancer

Theme 3   Social Chit Chat : Social Ties (Unit 4   Communication  : Non Violent Language and Unit 7   Making an Impression : High Impact Presentations)

Can social media get you fired

Theme 4 Energy & Climate (Unit 14  Towards a Brighter Future : Energy & Climate)

Global Warming is Affecting Weather

Theme 5 Working World (Unit 8   Work and Employment : The Working World and Unit 10  Company Organization and Unit 13  Its a Small World After All : Globalisation)

Qatar migrant workers*
Almost human *

Theme 6 Travelling & Tourism (Unit 3   An Industry of Leisure : Travelling & Tourism)

Introducing Austria
Kenya Family*

Theme 7 Media (Unit 6   Here is the News : Media)

Google and Microsoft agree measures to block abuse images *

Theme 8 Cross Cultural Awareness (Unit 15  Culture Vulture :  Cross Cultural Awareness)

Sexual harassment
Fussball Commin’ Home *

Theme 9 Addiction

New York lifts smoking age to 21
New York Obesity

Theme 10 Wealth & Poverty (Unit 2   From Rags to Riches : Wealth & Poverty)

Extreme Weather Poverty

Theme 11 Environment (Unit 9   Towards a Better World :  Sustainable Development)


Theme 12 English Speaking World

What is English
English as a global language

Other articles and materials used:

US Election Vocabulary: USElectionVocab *
Croatia EU *
Text Advertising
Syria *
Non-Violent Communication VIDEO
Interview Mistakes
Solar Impulse plane *
Overview of British Media
Germany Race *