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Global English Services

for Globally Minded Citizens and Businesses

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English Training     Executive Training     Translations

Global English Servicesso you can communicate wherever you are in the World

 We coach Executives, Employees, Lawyers, Professionals, Experts, Students from 10-80 years of age.

 We coach conversation, legal English, business English and much much more

 We coach intercultural sensitivities so that you respect and gain the respect of your target groups whether in business, socially or diplomatically

 We prepare students for exams such as IB, University entrance exams and Cambridge Certification and much more

 -Translations German to English  and English to German so you get to your Market Target Groups

 -Proof Reading Translations so your text is current and up to date by top professionals at International Schools and lawyers with decades of experience in business and schools

 -Press Releases so you choose the right words to get your message across to the press

 We help you speak

Global English


Global Connections Global Markets and Global Contacts

Private lessons * SKYPE * Online support * Friendly and personal

We want YOU to succeed

YOUR Success is OUR Success!

Translations, proof reading and press releases are performed over our London, UK office, US and German associates. Our representatives in Austria give personal support on demand.

 All coaching is performed at source  with the exception of SKYPE coaching which are outsourced to our London and overseas offices.

All English coaches and translators are highly professional and internationally experienced native English speakers with decades of first hand experience with international organisations such as IRC/IRC, United Nations, IAEA, CTBTO, Multi National Corporations and through direct teaching experience at International Schools in many countries.